Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quint 1 of the LCFR

Lego Creek’s Fire/Rescue has recently returned to Mocpages, and with a vengeance. Alex W is another builder who has his own unique style that stand out from the rest. On top of the attention to detail, Alex highlights his trucks with some of the best graphics out there.
Lego Creek equip.’s its departments with Quints to handle all fire fighting duties. Quint 1 of the LCFR is a 2010 Peirce Velocity with a 100ft ladder. This 2000 gpm pump with 300 gallon tank shows some of Alex’s finest work.
One note of attention. Custom parts are not necessary true to Lego building. Alex custom fitted the tip of the ladder’s on his Quints. Some lego purist look down at customizing, as well as “painting” parts. Personally, it is not a route I would go, but Alex pulled it off with style. Let me know your take on customizing parts below.

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