Sunday, January 9, 2011


A week behind in my postings. See what happens when you take a two week vacation?

I am not a big fan of Brickshelf, but from time to time I venture on there and find some real gems! The Lego Beach Fire Brigade is a department I am unfamilar with, but really like the design of his rigs. This 2006 Pierce Saber Pumper Tanker is one of my favorite's from LBFB's department. A well designed tanker that has a very clean finish to it. Not overly detailed, but well balanced.


  1. These are the work of Angus J, he was a frequent poster on sixby and ran several M/A groups back in the day.

    hes also a rather good emergency vehicle photographer, i've since lost contact with him.

  2. G'Day. That would be me. The original US styled Lego FD based in Australia! I would be happy to do an interview on the blog however have not been very active in the lego fire community for a while due to other interests taking up my time and space.