Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new

Paul B has been a long standing member of the fire community. His department, New Brickton Fire/Rescue, has recently upgraded to a well designed new webpage, and also introduced the replacement to the old Seagrave equipped Squad 4.

Squad 4, a 2011 KME Predator, is stacked with features. The cab features an 16 inch raised roof with seating & storage for six and tank level warning lights. A massive 1500 gpm water pump and a 500/30 water/foam tank with 5 pre-connects to handle the firefighting duties, along with additional features of a 30 ft tower light, extraction tools and additional storage.

My favorite feature of Paul's KME is the well detailed front grill and bumper. I love the Engine # on the grill!

See Paul's New Brickton' website for more details

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