Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2010 C60 Builder of the Year


To wrap up the 2010 County 60 Best of awards, we salute Alex W who takes home the honors of Buidler of the Year.
Alex came on strong towards the end of the year with posting a completely rebuilt LegoCreek Fire Department.
FB: Builder of the year for 2010. Thoughts? Surprised?
AW: Honestly, I didn't realize that I had won!  I knew that there was a contest going on but, never did I think that I would win Builder of the Year!  It was quite a surprise as well as an honor that everyone choose me!  I just want to thank everyone!! You guys are the greatest!
FB: So, for those who are not aware? Who is Alex Wallace?
AW: Alex Wallace is just your average guy! I've always wanted to be a firefighter since I was a little kid! I'm 19 years old, fresh out of high school and I'm a certified level 1 firefighter for the state of Ohio.  I'm currently attending college for my degree in fire science.  I'm also going to be taking my EMT-Basic soon. 
FB: How long have you been building?
AW: I have been building since I was a kid.  A neighbor of mine brought over some spare legos and I was hooked! I didn't start building lego fire trucks till I was introduced to the internet!  I found a website called Legoborough County Fire Dept and I was amazed!! So I did some more searching and found Thomas Duggan's website, Bob K's and Paul Bock's and was floored! Since that discovery in 1996 I haven't stopped since.

FB: Are there other hobbies you participate in?
AW:  I don't have many hobbies other than building.  I do however go to the gym 3 days a week to keep me in top physical shape.  College pretty much takes a lot of time out of my day along with studying.

FB: What made you focus your mocs to fire related?
AW:  There are a lot of great builders that inspired my hobby but, I have to thank Brian Gallant.  He was the one that got me building!  When I saw Brian Gallant's page on Brickshelf’s website I thought "let me try this." I based my first truck off of one he had.  I can't remember what it was but I remember that the engine was sitting behind his department's repair shop.  I wish I could find that picture again! I also had a Mack CF squad engine, a Seagrave TB engine, a straight ladder truck and a heavy rescue.  So in 1996 my department was formed.  The name changed from Silver Brick Fire Dept to Legocreek Fire/Rescue in 2003.

FB: Anything else you create or would like to create?
AW:  At the time I'm building an Air Force Base located just outside Legocreek. But, my main focus is building lego fire trucks.  When I get out of college I'll be focusing on some fire moc incidents. 
FB: What is your inspiration?
AW:  There is a lot of people to credit for my inspiration! Brian Gallant, Bob K, Paul B, Tom D, and many many others!!

FB: What does the future hold for AW and your lego hobby?
AW:  Right now my future is looking bright! I'm just basically working hard toward finishing my degree and turning in applications to area fire departments so that I can fulfill my dream!  The future of Legocreek Fire/Rescue is also bright.  With the city expanding it's city limits there will be more trucks to be built in order to meet the needs of a busy and growing department.

FB: What would you like to see more of in the community and less of?
AW:  I would like to see more people getting along and not fighting, less LDD, and more of a brotherhood setting in the community.  If everyone would just put aside there differences we would be a better community.  Lego's were made so that people could have something fun to play with! Just have fun everyone! 

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