Thursday, March 3, 2011

C60 Awards: Martijn Meijdam

Being the publisher of Firebricks has its perks; attending events such as County 60 Moc awards, the back stage parties and exclusive interviews! Ah, the life!

The County 60 Command group on Mocpages held its first annual Moc awards with its builders. Categories like best engine, tower and incident to name a few. The event was a success and I believe it is a start to an event that will grow each year. One of the unexpected outcomes was Martijn Meijdam taking home 3 awards for Best Engine, Best Tanker and Best Incident. I only say unexpected because of the stiff competition. Firebricks caught up to Double M after the awards for a few words.

FB: So, how does it feel taking home 3 awards in the 1st Annual C60 Moc awards?

MM:  Well, it came totally unexpected, I thought some of the better builders would be voted first. And after looking on Mocpages and reading that I've come in first in 3 categories, I was stunned. But now that I'm getting recognition for my rigs, I have to admit that it feels pretty good.

FB: To my knowledge, you have only been on Mocpages for a couple of
years, 2 maybe? How long have you been   involved in lego fire Mocs?

MM: You are right, StuddsVille FD came on Mocpages in late 2008, so I'm still somewhat of a noob compared to some builders, but when i was a kid, like 6 years old (I'm now 24), my dad bought me all kinds of fire related Lego sets, i built them, and later i upgraded them or destroyed them to make new rigs.

FB: What made you get into fire related Mocs?

MM: Well I don't know better, I was always facinated by fire departments, and especially American fire departments like FDNY, LAFD, DCFD, and all in between.
And I love Lego's, so combining them was easy.

But there was a time I collected Star Wars Lego's but I allways lingered to the FD Mocs.
But in late 2006 my dad died of cancer, and i was cleaning out the attic, and found some of my old Lego fire trucks. I wanted to sell them at first, but I couldnt, so I accidentally stumbled on MOCpages, and found the creations of Tom Duggan and Matt Jacobsen, and I was hooked, awesome rigs and cool incidents, so I took a shot at it. Bought 3 rigs from Tom, and that was the start of StuddsVille and its Fire Department.

FB: What does the future hold for 2011 and MM?

MM: For me personally, I hope to get transferred to different Fire Department that pays better, so I can design, buy and build some new rigs. And hopefully make enough money so I can get a place together with my girlfriend.

For SVFD, there are 2 wildland rigs in the planning, only thing missing is the funding. But when my financial situation gets better, I'm gonna start working on Battalion 2 and its planned ARFF rigs + Support rigs.

FB: And the floor is yours MM….have at it...

MM: Wow, so many people to thank.

First off, I want to thank the C60 Fire community for the chance, So a regular simple Dutch guy like me can build US rigs and get some credit for it.
You wouldnt believe how many groups declined my membership application just for the fact that i'm from the Netherlands.

Second, I want to personally thank: Tom Duggan, without his knowlage and his willingness to build and sell 3 rigs to me, SVFD wouldnt exsist.

And Bruce Baker, without him, Squad 31 and Tanker 3's cabs wouldnt be as good as they are now, and for his tips and support.

Third, Bob K, Cody B, Matt J, Paul B, Zack O,  Lee C and every other builder on MOCpages I forgot to mention, for their help, support, comments, mutual aid and all else what made SVFD the way it is today.

Fourth, ( Hey I said a lot of ppl :-D) Fire Bricks for this interview.

And last but not least, My dad for getting me the Lego's and my girlfriend, for her support and accepting this hobby of mine.


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