Wednesday, April 27, 2011

E-One 50' Teleboom

The 50' Teleboom was my 5th piece of apparatus from E-One. This was a real easy build & was fun to do. I captured as many of the details as I could. This was inspired by the Toronto Fire Service & P215. 

The Teleboom makes a great addition to my Stony Creek Fire Department as it can handle multiple duties in the downtown area. The 50' aerial is perfect for reaching the 2 story structures in its coverage area. In addition, with a 750 gallon tank & 1000 gpm pump, the Teleboom can stand alone as a Engine Company. Paired with Rescue/USAR 2 at Station 5, these Companies work hand in hand with the capabilities of the 50' aerial to support the USAR team.

I recently updated the Teleboom to a red cab to match my fleet for the SCFD, which is also color scheme of the Detroit Fire Department.

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  1. i have tried building one turned out awsome