Friday, April 8, 2011

E-One Bronto

My first aerial attempt was the E-One Bronto. The city I lived in has one and I was amazed at the uniqueness of this tower. I could not find any other Bronto's other than Mad Physicist's european version. I thought what a way to break into the Lego fire scene!

While I was 100% satisfied with the body of my Bronto, the challenges of capturing the boom were not so great. I could easily make the arms, the swivel portion and bucket placement. I came up blank with ways to add the extending ladder and articulating bucket which ending the pursuit of creating the Bronto.

Since then, the Bronto became a tear down and has resurrected itself as the Suthpen SP95. Once I complete my department, I will revisit the boom on the Bronto again.


  1. The Sutphen is much better than the Bronto.

  2. The Suthpen has become my current favorite in my Fleet. It was a lot easier to build for 1!