Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A moment of silence

On 4/9/11 Jakeland Fire Department laid to rest one of its finest in Firefighter Smith who was lost in the line of duty. A sad day for the city of Jakeland and the Lego fire community.
As we know, when a fallen firefighter or even police officer is laid to rest, it is usually a large event. For the first time in the Lego fire community a display for a fallen firefighter has become the largest collection of Lego fire apparatus in one place. Firefighters and other services members are represented from Jakeland, Rochelle Heights, Brick Twp, Bergen Hts, Port Lego, North Lereado County, Riverside Borough, St Lego and Lego Twp .
What a collection of some of the best Lego fire apparatus out there. Besides seeing some of the greats from the departments, I see some rigs in the mix that I have not seen before. For all the pictures please visit the Jakeland LODD Procession, Where have you been?, NLCFD Funeral Detail, and Funeral 4/9/11 for all the amazing photo's.

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